About Us

    Union Import Company was established in 2012 with a previous experience of 10 years, it provides its services in the field of orthopedics, sports medicine and surgical instruments in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    Thanks to its services that spanned over ten years in the local market, it was able to make all its high-level services a reflection of its concept of helping customers to overcome all obstacles and obstacles and support them and keep pace with the amazing development in the field of medical supplies, especially in the field of orthopeadic, sport medicine and surgical instruments .

    It is noteworthy that the company operates from its main headquarters, menofia – shebeen elkom – beside shebeen elkom teaching hospital , as it is a major metropolis with its residents, facilities and advanced services, as well as being one of the good markets in this field.


  • General Manager of Unionmed , has an extensive background in the field which spans back to 2004. He has represented the Kingdom in many international exhibitions in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our Vision

  • We seek to improve the provision of distinguished logistics services in the field of medical supplies and provide the latest medical devices, tools and machines through all available global markets.

Our Mission

    Work to provide everything necessary to be distinguished among the target groups by providing services at the highest level that fit the requirements and keep pace with developments in our field.